Esports, or electronic sports, are a rapidly growing industry, with more and more people tuning in to watch professional gamers compete in various tournaments and leagues. Online gambling, on the other hand, has been a popular pastime for many years, and it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. But what happens when these two worlds collide? This guide will explore the impact of esports on online gambling, including the current state of both industries, the ways in which they intersect, and predictions for the future.

The Current State of Esports and Online Gambling

The esports industry is booming, with the global market set to reach $1.1 billion by 2022. Esports tournaments and leagues are becoming increasingly popular, with major organizations like the NBA and NFL investing in the industry. Meanwhile, the online gambling industry is also thriving, with revenue expected to reach $94 billion by 2024.

The Impact of Esports on Online Gambling

As esports continues to grow in popularity, it’s not surprising that online gambling has also started to embrace this new market. One of the biggest ways that esports has impacted online gambling is by increasing the number of betting options available. More and more online sportsbooks are offering odds on esports tournaments and matches. This has resulted in a significant increase in esports gambling revenue. Additionally, the growth of esports has also had an impact on traditional sports betting, with some experts predicting that it could eventually surpass it in popularity.

The rise of esports has led to a significant increase in the number of betting options available for esports enthusiasts. With the growing popularity of esports, more and more online sportsbooks and gambling platforms are offering betting options for esports events. This includes traditional bets such as moneyline bets, point spread bets, and over/under bets, as well as more specialized bets such as first blood, first team to 10 kills, and more.

Growth in esports gambling revenue

As a result of the increased betting options, esports gambling revenue has seen a significant increase in recent years. According to market research firm Newzoo, global esports gambling revenue is projected to reach $1 billion by 2020. This growth is driven by factors such as the increasing popularity of esports, the growing number of esports tournaments and leagues, and the increasing number of esports fans who are willing to place bets on their favorite teams and players.

Impact on traditional sports betting

The growth of esports has also had an impact on traditional sports betting. As more and more people become interested in esports, traditional sports betting companies are starting to offer betting options for esports events as well. This has led to increased competition in the sports betting market, with traditional sportsbooks now having to compete with specialized esports betting platforms. Additionally, the growth of esports has also led to a younger demographic becoming interested in sports betting, which could have a long-term impact on the sports betting industry.

The Future of Esports and Online Gambling

The esports industry will continue to grow in popularity, with more people tuning in to watch professional gamers compete and more companies investing in esports teams and tournaments. We will also see an increase in the number of people participating in esports, both as amateur and professional players.

Online gambling industry to grow as more people turn to online platforms for betting and gaming. More online gambling sites and apps, with new forms of online gambling emerging.

The esports and online gambling industries will continue to intersect, with more online gambling sites offering odds and bets on esports matches and tournaments. Development of new esports-themed gambling games, such as virtual slot machines featuring esports teams and players. Crossover between esports and gambling industry with tournaments streamed on betting sites and gambling becoming prominent in esports experience.

Esports and Online Gambling Summary

– Esports and online gambling are growing industries with significant overlap.

– Online tournaments and events are increasingly being streamed on online gambling platforms.

– Gambling is becoming an increasingly prominent feature of the esports experience for fans and players.

-New esports-themed gambling games are being developed, such as virtual slot machines featuring esports teams and players.


The rise of esports has had a significant impact on the online gambling industry, with more and more platforms now offering esports betting options and live streams of esports tournaments. As the industry continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more crossover between esports and online gambling, potentially leading to new and innovative forms of gambling and increased engagement and revenue for both industries.