Michael Jordan may be best known as an iconic basketball figure, but did you know he briefly dabbled with baseball during his illustrious career? After retiring from the NBA for good in 1994, Jordan decided to follow his childhood dream and try professional baseball – leaving an indelible mark on sports collectables such as baseball cards. Baseball cards featuring Michael Jordan have become coveted collectables among collectors and enthusiasts. This blog explores the top ten most valuable Michael Jordan baseball cards, examining their features, significance, and market value.

1991 Upper Deck Baseball #SP1 Michael Jordan Card 

Due to its iconic imagery and scarcity, it is one of the most coveted collectable sports items. Issued by Upper Deck in 1991, it depicts Michael Jordan in Birmingham Barons uniform – marking his transition from basketball to baseball after retiring for his first NBA retirement – holographic finish with sharp corners makes this card visually pleasing and highly sought-after by collectors; limited supply adds significant market value; estimated at approximately $2,500 today.

1991 Upper Deck Baseball Final Edition #55 Michael Jordan 

It is estimated to have an estimated value of $1,500.

Upper Deck’s 1991 Upper Deck Final Edition card of Jordan from his Arizona Fall League time with Scottsdale Scorpions is another valuable piece in their collection, estimated to be worth approximately $1,500. Due to a limited print run and its rarity as one of his earlier baseball cards, collectors find this piece very desirable, and it stands as an integral part of Jordan’s baseball journey and journey towards greatness.

Michael Jordan of the Birmingham Barons Signature Rookies Card 

It was estimated to have an estimated retail value of $1,200.00.

One of the few officially autographed Michael Jordan baseball cards produced during his time with Birmingham Barons is this Signature Rookies release from 1994, which holds immense value to collectors. Made during Jordan’s tenure with them, this authentic signature from him significantly impacts its price; currently, it’s estimated to be worth roughly $1,200.

1994 Upper Deck Minor League #19 Michael Jordan (Estimated Value: $1,000) 

This 1994 Upper Deck Minor League card from Michael Jordan captures an essential stage in his career by depicting him wearing his Birmingham Barons uniform as a youngster. With low production numbers contributing to its scarcity, and due to Michael’s continued fame among collectors alike, its estimated value stands at an estimated $1,000.

1994 Upper Deck SP Holoview FX #MJ9 Michael Jordan (Estimated Value: $800).

The 1994 Upper Deck SP Holoview FX card stands out for its unique holographic design, adding depth and motion to Michael Jordan’s mid-swing in Birmingham Baron’s attire. Part of the SP Holoview FX set, its limited print run and unique holographic appeal have made this item highly prized among both basketball and baseball card collectors; its estimated value now exceeds $800.

1995 Birmingham Barons ProCard #1154

The value estimate for 1995 Birmingham Barons ProCard #1154 Michael Jordan is approximately $700.

Released during Jordan’s second season with the Birmingham Barons, this 1995 Birmingham Barons ProCards card marks his baseball journey. Boasting its limited supply and featuring him wearing his baseball uniform, its rarity adds significant collector appeal, estimated at approximately $700.

1994 Upper Deck Birmingham Barons #MJ1 Michael Jordan (Estimated Value: $600.00).

This card stands out by commemorating Jordan’s official Minor League Baseball debut. Published by Upper Deck and released in 1994, it is a historical marker marking an essential moment in his baseball career. Though its scarcity is modest compared to others on this list, its association with Jordan’s new sporting venture adds desirability, currently valued at about $600.

The 1994 Fleer Excel Hot Gloves #5 Michael Jordan card 

This card showcases Jordan’s versatility as an athlete by depicting him wearing his Chicago White Sox batting glove and baseball uniform, reflecting his sports roles simultaneously. This creative depiction makes this particular card particularly appealing; its affordability combined with depicting Jordan chasing his baseball dreams makes it an attractive option among collectors; estimated value: approximately $500.

1994 Fleer ProCards Michael Jordan (Estimated Value: $400) 

This 1994 Fleer ProCards Michael Jordan release may not be rare, but its worth lies in how well it portrays Jordan during his prime and dedication to baseball as an interest collectable – its estimated value currently sits at $400.

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1994 Collector’s Choice Silver Signature #661 Michael Jordan (Estimated Value of $300).

At number 10 on our top 10 list is the 1994 Collector’s Choice Silver Signature card by Michael Jordan. While not as expensive, its appeal is depicting him wearing a baseball uniform, offering collectors an affordable piece of sports history. Estimates place its estimated worth at approximately $300.


Michael Jordan made an indelible mark on sports collectables with his brief stint as a baseball player. He left an unforgettable imprint that that people can still feel today in sports collectables and collectables alike. These top ten most valuable Michael Jordan baseball cards connect to an essential chapter of a sporting icon’s life story. Each card holds an intimate level for enthusiasts from every background, from holographic designs to autographed editions. However, it’s essential to remember that estimates for collectable card values may fluctuate as the market evolves. So if you plan to acquire one of these stunning cards, make sure you authenticate its authenticity and preserve it for future generations. No matter your sport of preference – basketball or baseball – these cards provide a glimpse into Michael Jordan’s greatness as an influencer on sports history – Happy collecting!