The fans of the wildly popular League of Legends (LoL) video game are furious on the game’s developer, Riot Games. The new skin being launched is tied to an existing gambling system. Riot hasn’t gotten the memo regarding loot boxes or other game-based randomizers not being accepted.

At the end of each month, LoL will introduce brand new Cosmic capsules and reward points for reaching specific milestones within the game. If Riot alters how they operate before then, players have threatened to boycott the game globally.

These capsules allow gamers to acquire specific skins, such as, the Dark COSMIC Erasure Jhin (a character featured in this game) skin. The only method to acquire it is buying a random capsule and not knowing exactly what’s inside.

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Cap the Capsules

LoL participants have recently been involved in passionate discussions about capsules. The motivation behind this continual discussion is that capsules could either be important items or become expensive purchases.

The scenario turned into a worse situation as it was discovered that the Public Beta Environment (PBE) data mine discovered some troubling details regarding the game capsules scheduled to be released and launched as part of Cosmic 2023. These capsules are likely to be using an approach similar to gacha, which could lead to more confusion and speculation among players.

Gacha games are in a long issue of contention. Emily Lawrenson of Qustodio describes the games as “video games that allow players to use in-game currencies to buy virtual goods and services in the course of their progress.”

The majority of the time, products are often random. The debate starts about whether the loot box and other bonuses are considered gambling. This is because players are paying for something but do not know what the result will be.

League of Legends players reacted immediately when the results of the PBE came out. Initially, they spoke of the willingness to purchase capsules and passes for events when needed but remained hesitant following the disappointment.

The criticism was so strong that many called this season the worst year for LoL. The group also plans to push to change the rules at the top level of all government.

Microtransactions are No Longer Welcome in League of Legends

The next step needs to be clarified. Riot hasn’t replied to comments from journalists. It appears that the media isn’t up to date with developments happening across Europe and in the US. Controls for loot boxes across the world are most likely to come soon.

To protect youngsters, especially players, and encourage fair play to protect children and ensure fairness, the UK gambling industry enacted an extensive 11-step plan for dealing with loot boxes. The plan involves using technology-based measures that prevent youngsters from accessing the boxes . They plan doing it by launching an awareness-raising campaign and publicizing how storage bins exist.

After a lengthy three-year probe and investigation, the UK government decided to call for industry-wide self-regulation to solve the problem. The reason for this is the need to deal with this problem effectively. The microtransactions segment earns estimates of revenue of around $15 billion.

Belgium, The Netherlands, and Austria, among others, have all been firmly adopting an even more intelligent policy. In contrast to the self-governing UK system, they have swiftly introduced more strict limits.

Belgium, as well as the Netherlands, have banned loot boxes as well as similar rewards totally in their effort to curb gambling addiction. The two countries have taken a strong position to protect people, particularly minors, from the negative adverse effects of online purchases.

Even though it does not enforce a fully prohibitive policy, Austria imposes stringent regulations for using virtual currencies in safe storage zones. The goal is to protect minors from expenditures.

Although different nations have taken various approaches, one remains constant. Nearly all nations around the globe are imposing restrictions on the game business.